Saturday, July 28, 2012

Python Lessons - Khan Academy

There are many useful resources around the web that will be helpful to every computer geeks. I am sharing some of such useful amazing video resources here. 

Khan Academy is a website that gives such video lessons about different topics. Here i am sharing computer related video lessons, mostly related to Python. You can view and download them at free of cost.

  1. Introduction to Programs Data Types and Variables
  2. Binary Numbers
  3. Python Lists
  4. For Loops in Python
  5. While Loops in Python
  6. Fun with Strings
  7. Writing a Simple Factorial Program. (Python 2)
  8. Stepping Through the Factorial Program
  9. Flowchart for the Factorial Program
  10. Python 3 Not Backwards Compatible with Python 2
  11. Defining a Factorial Function
  12. Diagramming What Happens with a Function Call
  13. Recursive Factorial Function
  14. Comparing Iterative and Recursive Factorial Functions
  15. Exercise - Write a Fibonacci Function
  16. Iterative Fibonacci Function Example
  17. Stepping Through Iterative Fibonacci Function
  18. Recursive Fibonacci Example
  19. Stepping Through Recursive Fibonacci Function
  20. Exercise - Write a Sorting Function
  21. Insertion Sort Algorithm
  22. Insertion Sort in Python
  23. Stepping Through Insertion Sort Function
  24. Simpler Insertion Sort Function



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