Sunday, July 29, 2012

Git Based Wiki Implementation

A wiki implementation based on the Git, a Distributed Version Control System, is the academic project done by me during my MCA. It is a completely open source tools oriented wiki engine that has many powerful capabilities. 

We know, a wiki is a collection of various articles contributed by various writers around the world. There may be chances of updating an article with unwanted or abusing data. So we may need to revert the modified article to its previous state. We generally use a version control management system for that purpose. I used Git in my project for that purpose.

As Git is a powerful DVCS (Distributed Version Control System), the wiki engine is more efficient to keep track of the versions. Git is a open source tool that is  developed by the Linux developer team. Its more efficient with its powerful commands.

I am using SQLite3 as the database. Webpy is the framework used here. HTML and CSS is used for the user interface. Python is the language used to write the wiki engine. Markdown style is used for writing the articles. The project is completely developed under Linux platform.

Here is some screen shots of my project.

You can read following articles regarding my project.



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