Saturday, October 1, 2011

Teeny URL

Google has many services like plus, gmail, orkut, blogger which is familiar to the youth. But many of them are unaware of Google’s App Engine service. App engine allows the developers to host their applications online. Google gives free domain names to us. Python and Java are the current supporting platforms.

When I heard about this service, I eagerly started a url shortening application in python. Many of our urls, especially blog links and articles are large and bulky. It is difficult to use them on twitter and SMS where character limit is a big problem. So I think about a url shortening application for reducing the length of the large urls. The main advantage of shortened url is, it can be used anywhere on the web instead of the original url. Another import fact is every large url will get a unique shortened url. So it will not let the user into any problem.

Here I used python as the back end. Webapp framework is used and the database is Datastore. Datastore is a database by Google and it is different from other traditional databases. It uses an object oriented database management system. HTML and CSS is used for the interface.

url for Teeny URL application is,

Some screenshots of the Teeny URL application is given below,

You can download the source code also. Click on the tab given below.

If you have any doubts with the codes, you can also read my posts regarding the source code of the Teeny URL. Links for my Teeny URL posts are,

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